White Label

A full suite of trading products

ThinkPrime equips you with a full suite of industry-leading trading products, technologies and services designed to empower and scale with your business, regardless of what phase it’s currently in. We have custom packages to help grow your business, including turn-key solutions that offer deep liquidity in almost any OTC market, trading platforms attracting the full spectrum of traders (from the most advanced HFT firms and Algo traders to your discretionary point-and-click traders), full transparency reporting and back office features enabling quick on-boarding, affiliate tracking and more.

ThinkPrime’s ready-made solutions enable you to leverage your choice of the following:

Efficient low-cost scalable front and back-end solutions

Direct access to our facilities in LD5 (Equinix London)

Leverage of our MT4 server licence for quick deployment

24-hour support team throughout the trading week

Broad stand-alone, web and mobile trading platforms that cater for every trading type

Outsourced A/B and Hybrid risk services available with decades of experience

Fully-hosted MT4 solutions, including Reuters and RanSquawk news capabilities

Advanced client and management portals for near-instant client on-boarding

Low capital requirements with structured hassle-free on-boarding procedures

Partnership on-boarding process

Our bespoke business offering adapts to the dynamic nature of our partner’s needs. The below flowchart details a general on-boarding process where further details will be provided once we’re able to meet with you personally and provide you with a roadmap that will prove most effective for your goals:

Step 1

Complete our business plan that details your business name, registration number and all other relevant information that helps us get a clear understanding of the nature of the offering that will enable your success. During this process you’ll also work directly with our teams who will ensure all other questions are addressed and requirements are clearly defined based on your business needs.

Step 2

Once your business plan is approved commercial agreements will be sent for your review, as well as general guidelines for any policies or terms and conditions templates as we continue with our due diligence processes. We’ll then work with your assets for the white labelling development to begin and finalise your corporate account.

Step 3

You will be assigned a specialised departmental training on all aspects of your client on-boarding process, back-office setup and monitoring systems. Our 24-hour support team will also be working closely with you post-launch to ensure we stay in partnership and offer you our insights as your business requirements continually adjust and adapt in this fast-changing environment.

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