Fully transparent liquidity sources

Get instant access to Tier 1 Liquidly Providers (LPs) and ‘no last-look’ execution venues that are constantly expanding with full transparency on liquidity sources, best bid/offer pricing and much more, including:

  • Custom swap rates
  • Deep liquidity and tight pricing
  • Liquidity source views
  • Complete anonymity
  • Post-trade transparency
  • Tiered commission rates
  • Flexible margin rates
  • Sharia account setup

API (Application Programming Interface)

Our API solution allows our partners ultra-low latency connectivity via a single, scalable point of access to our pricing and liquidity, sourced directly from Tier 1 banks and leading liquidity venues.

This allows our partners to offer their clients the added advantage of tight pricing, deep liquidity and 24-hour market access across a broad range of financial products and asset classes – a solution that is perfectly suited to automated trading systems, asset managers, retail brokers and proprietary trading firms.

Our API solution is often provided via an omnibus relationship, meaning that the end clients’ details remain undisclosed to ThinkPrime, and our API partner clients maintain full control and management of their client trading activity and data.

One key advantage of the API to many FX brokers is the ability to offer a greater range of products to existing customers using just one account, and to manage risk electronically. We have historically seen great demand from FX brokers looking to expand and diversify their product range by adding CFDs.

  • Ultra-low latency FIX 4.4 API connection in both FX and CFD markets
  • Quant, hedge fund and high-frequency trading proven and ready
  • Spot FX, Metals and CFDs covering Softs, Energies, Indices and more
  • Platform agnostic and highly scalable for easy connection into any LP


  • Global leader in connecting both buy and sell side FX participants to over $5trillion/day FX market
  • 100% secure STP/DMA access to the world’s leading electronic liquidity pools
  • Comprehensive post-trade reporting with user-defined fields, and analysis on client/book trading patterns
  • Market depth with full transparency on LP source and price competition
  • Advanced Order functions including pegged, algo, and stop-loss trigger orders

Flexible trading conditions

ThinkPrime is able to offer you flexible price and margin trading terms to work with your business model. This will give you the ability to make instant individual or group changes, without server re-starts based on market demands or the changing needs of your business.

Choose from offering different leverages based on client deposit sizes or active trading profiles, and offer a choice of fixed spreads, variable spreads with an applied mark-up, institutional pricing with a pay per million (or flat rate per side) charge or create your own hybrid model. All of these solutions are just some of the ways that ThinkPrime services can quickly evolve to suit your changing demands.

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